00023 Urinary retention

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00023 Urinary retention

Definition of the NANDA label

Urinary retention is the state in which the individual presents an incomplete emptying of the urinary bladder.

Inability to empty bladder completely.

Defining characteristics

  • Bladder distention.
  • Frequent urination, of little quantity or absence of diuresis.
  • Urine dripping.
  • Dysuria.
  • Residual urine.
  • Feeling of bladder fullness.
  • Fill Incontinence.

Related factors

  • Urinary obstruction.
  • Inhibition of the reflex arc.
  • Elevated urethral pressure due to weakness of the urinae detrusor.
  • Powerful sphincter.

Associated condition

  • Blockage in urinary tract
  • High urethral pressure
  • Reflex arc inhibition
  • Strong sphincter


  • Urinary continence.
  • Urinary elimination.


  • Urinary bladder training.
  • Bladder catheterization: intermittent.
  • Care of urinary retention.
  • Management of urinary elimination.

This diagnosis will retire from the NANDA-I Taxonomy in the 2021-2023 edition unless additional work is completed to bring it up to a level of evidence 2.1 or higher.

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