00088 Impaired walking

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00088 Impaired walking

Definition of the NANDA label

Limitation of independent movement on foot in the environment.

Limitation of independent movement within the environment on foot.

Defining characteristics

• Impaired ability to:
– climbing stairs.
– walk the required distances.
– walking on an upward or downward incline.
– walking on uneven surfaces.
– get around obstacles.

Related factors

  • Cognitive impairment.
  • insufficient muscle strength.

Suggested classification at a functional level:

0 = fully autonomous.
1 = requires help from computer or device.
2 = requires another person for help, supervision or teaching.
3 = requires help from another person and from a computer or device.
4 = dependent, does not participate in the activity.

Associated condition

• Alteration in cognitive functioning
• Impaired balance
• Impaired vision
• Musculoskeletal impairment
• Neuromuscular impairment


• Personal care: activities of daily living (ADL).
• Wandering.
• Level of mobility.
• Resistance.


• Help with self-care.
• Exercise therapy.
• Energy management.

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